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27th May, 2021

Our e-commerce returns business is up 400% in the first quarter 2021 compared to last year. Thanks to this increase in demand, we have been able to welcome aboard several new logistics team members to help us grow and expand our service offering. 

We’re Hiring! 

If you would like to further your career and join the Hytech Logistics team, please send you CV to careers@htl.ie

E-Commerce Returns Live Webinar from our Global Partner Cycleon

Over the past year e-commerce has boomed as the pandemic drove more customers and retailers online than ever before. As a result, return volumes rose to peak season heights, and consumers expected more from their returns experience; more convenience, less expense and sustainable options. 

If you would like to learn more about creating a positive and sustainable returns experience for your customers and the most popular return methods, join Cycleon for their live webinar about ‘Consumer Returns During and After Covid-19’ on June 15th 2021. 

In this webinar we’ll be exploring the results of a global market study we conducted with the aim to more deeply understand how customers view and interact with e-commerce returns, both during the pandemic and plans for afterward. Tune in to discover answers to the following:

– What are the most popular return methods, per country?

– What do consumers expect from a positive returns experience?

– How has sustainability impacted customer expectations?

And more…

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