Hytech Logistics Introduce HABS Process

26th July, 2022

Hytech Logistics have introduced a unique, simplified process for a complicated supply chain problem that arose after Brexit. In recent years, logistics from Europe to Ireland and the UK have faced many new obstacles, Brexit being the most challenging as regulations are changing and evolving,

Hytech have introduced a unique and agile supply chain, HABS (Hazardous and Brexit Solutions) which deals with two key areas of logistic challenges:

  1. Regulations imposed by Brexit
  2. The safe transport of hazardous materials efficiently

HABS is a smart process that ensures clients are customs and hazardous compliant whilst also reducing the carbon footprint through smart consolidation of product and efficient supply chain management.

In the video we explain exactly what HABS is and how this platform can offer innovative solutions to the Brexit changes by aligning thousands of moving parts in one smart platform, creating the unique and simplified process of HABS, the flexible logistics solution.

If you would like to learn more about how Hytech Logistics and HABS can help your supply chain efficiency, please contact Nick Tallon –┬án.tallon@hytechlogistics